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Michael’s first experience of photography began in the darkroom of a small advertising agency in London. This is where he learnt about both photography and printing, and where he soon came to appreciate the totally symbiotic relationship between an image and its print.

His printing was exceptional. And, when still only in his 20’s, his passion and commitment for fine-art printing techniques inspired him to create what is now still one of the leading professional laboratories in Europe, Metro Imaging.

But soon his true inspiration was to emerge: Michael had discovered landscapes and with them landscape photography.

Michael found himself so deeply moved by photographing the natural world that he decided to sever his involvement with Metro and to embark on a completely new career - as a landscape photographer.

He immediately developed his very own distinctive style of photography, one which displays an unusual sensitivity and depth of emotion. Twenty years on Michael has produced a fantastic collection of images, which reflect not only the serenity and calm which he has discovered in nature, but also its wonder.

In more recent years, Michael has founded the renowned Trevillion Picture Library, a library featuring both his work and that of nearly 200 other highly-creative photographers.